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Increased notary fees go into effect 6/23/24 in WA!

Attention Washington State Notaries and Document Signers! 🚨

Big news! Starting June 23, 2024, new notary fees will take effect in Washington state. These updates aim to support notaries by ensuring fair compensation for our services. Here’s a quick rundown of the changes:

🔹 Signature Witnessing: $15 per signature Witnessing the signing of a document and verifying the signer’s identity.

🔹 Acknowledgments and Jurats (Oaths/Affirmations): $15 per signature Providing assurance that the signature is authentic through acknowledgment or verification upon oath.

🔹 Administering Oaths or Affirmations: $15 per verification Verifying the truthfulness of a statement under oath or affirmation.

🔹 Copy Certification: $15 per document Certifying that a copy is a true and accurate reproduction of the original document.

🔹 Travel Fees: No changes to the law - Notaries can still charge a travel fee if agreed upon in advance and explained as additional to the notarial fee.

🔹 Remote Online Notarization: Remains the same $25 per act Convenient online notarizations are becoming more common and accessible.

Important Notes:

  • These fees are the maximum amounts allowed. Notaries must disclose fees upfront and cannot exceed state-mandated amounts.

  • Accurate record-keeping of transactions and fees is crucial for compliance.

📣 Stay informed and ensure compliance with these new regulations. For more details, visit the Washington State Department of Licensing website.

Need reliable notary services? Contact Girl Friday Notary Services! We're here to provide professional and compliant notarizations.



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