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  • Kendra Marroquin

Why You Should Always Provide Your Original ID for Document Notarizations

Have you ever wondered if you can use a photocopy of your ID when having your documents notarized? It’s a common question, especially since using digital copies of important documents became popular during COVID-19.

However, when it comes to notarization, using a copy of your ID is a big no-no.

Here’s why providing your original ID is essential:

1. Legal Requirements: Most states, including California, Florida, and Pennsylvania, require notaries to verify your identity using original identification documents. This means showing your actual driver’s license or state-issued ID, not a photocopy or a photo on your phone.

2. Security Against Tampering: Copies of IDs are more susceptible to tampering and forgery. Digital editing tools can easily alter the information on a copied ID, making it unreliable for identity verification.

3. Built-in Security Features: Original IDs have security features such as holograms, raised prints, and special patterns that help notaries verify their authenticity. These features are often missing or not visible in copies, making it difficult to confirm their genuineness.

4. Avoiding Legal Issues: Using an original ID protects you from legal complications. Notaries are required by law to exercise “reasonable reliance” on the IDs they accept. This means they must rely on the original documents listed in state statutes to avoid legal liability.

General Rule: Even if your state doesn’t specify, it’s always best to use the original ID to prevent fraud and ensure the notarization process is smooth and legally sound.

The Bottom Line: Always bring your original ID to your notarization appointment. It ensures the process is secure, legal, and free from potential fraud.

At Girl Friday Notary Services, I prioritize your security and legal compliance. If you need documents notarized, make sure you have your original ID ready. For any questions or to schedule an appointment, contact me today!

A guy showing his drivers license for ID

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