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  • Kendra Marroquin

Understanding Signature by Mark:Empowering Signers with Physical Constraints

In the world of notary services, we often encounter individuals who, due to physical constraints, find it challenging to sign their names in the traditional way.

Did you know there’s a solution designed specifically for this situation? It’s called a "Signature by Mark" and it’s a powerful tool that ensures everyone can complete essential documents with dignity and accuracy.

A Signature by Mark is a valid alternative when a signer is unable to provide a traditional signature.

This method involves the signer making a mark (such as an "X") on the document, which is then witnessed by two impartial witnesses.

This process ensures that the document is legally binding and that the signer's intent is clear.

Here’s a quick overview of the process:

1. Identification Verification: The notary verifies the identity of the signer, just as with any other notarization.

2. Witnesses: Two impartial witnesses are present to observe the signing and to attest that the mark was made by the signer.

3. Notarial Act: The notary completes the notarial act, ensuring the document meets all legal requirements.

This method maintains the integrity and legality of the document, giving peace of mind to both the signer and the receiving party.

It’s a testament to the flexibility and inclusiveness of our legal system, ensuring that everyone’s voice can be heard, regardless of physical limitations.

At Girl Friday Notary Services, I understand the importance of accessibility in notary services. My mission is to provide inclusive and compassionate service to all my clients.

If you or someone you know needs assistance with a Signature by Mark or any other notarial service, I'm here to help!


Contact me today to learn more and schedule an appointment. Your peace of mind is just a call away!

Pen sitting on a document ready to be signed

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